So you’ve decided that a bid knowledge base would benefit your business, now you’re trying to decide which of the many solutions out there is the right one for you. Here are a few things to consider:

Starting point – do you already have a bid library that you’ll need to be able to transfer across to the new solution? What changes will you need to make in the way it’s stored/filed/catalogued to fit your new solution?
If you don’t already have a library, what help do you want your solution to provide in setting it up? For example, with Knowledge Central you don’t have to have all your content ready to go when setting up your knowledge base; you can create placeholders for content you want to include, then use these as a ‘to do’ list to work through at a later date.

How much do you want your solution to do for you – do you have any existing software you want it to be able to integrate with (e.g. a CRM for closed-loop reporting)? Do you want it to auto-populate proposal documents etc.? Or do you just want a place to store your content for you to retrieve and work with – a simple and straightforward solution like Knowledge Central?

Reporting – are you happy with straightforward reporting that helps you analyse the value of your content, and whether the right people have access to your system? Or do you want to be able to measure and track the bid process, monitor due dates for bids etc.?

Cost – who needs access to your content? If you only want a small number of people in the business to use the solution, a model where you pay per user – like Knowledge Central – rather than a large lump sum for global access will be more cost effective for you.

Contract – are you happy to be committed to a solution with specific boundaries for 12 months, or would you prefer the flexibility of being able to assess whether your solution is still meeting your needs on a monthly basis?

Answering these questions should help you to decide what type of solution is going to meet your needs best. If you think it could be Knowledge Central, give Kate a call on (0113) 225 6098 to get started.

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