Even the most organised knowledge base can have gaps. You might only have a couple of sentences for a particular topic because a subject matter expert wasn’t available when you needed to pull an answer together for a live tender, or it could be that a section of content simply didn’t score well enough once evaluated, so you know you need to revisit it.

Whatever the reason, the content sits in your knowledge base because at the moment it’s all you’ve got, and it’s marginally better than nothing at all. But your plan – if you ever get a spare moment – is to gather more detail and refine and edit it to make it a really great bid answer.

But if other people from across your team, or even across the business, are also accessing your content library, how do they know if they’re dealing with top-scoring content?

More often than not, people are working at speed on a bid and with a lot of content to find, tailor and juggle, so how can you make it easier for them to see quickly what’s missing from the document they’re looking at? You could write a note in a different colour, or highlighted, at the top of the document, and hope they don’t accidentally copy and paste it into their bid document.

But we’ve come up with a better way.

Knowledge Central’s star rating system is a way to flag the quality of a document quickly and easily to anyone using your knowledge base. A clear 1 to 5 star rating on the search results page means anyone can see at a glance what rating has been given to the document by the knowledge manager or subject matter expert, with no need to open the record or download the document to read through it. Users can then decide if they want to ‘proceed with caution’ and use the response, or look for an alternative.

Using star ratings also makes it easy to see which pieces of content you need to dedicate time to improving.

And because you don’t need to add any notes in your actual documents, there’s no risk of something ending up in your bid response that shouldn’t be there!

If Knowledge Central sounds like the right knowledge management tool for you, why not sign up for a free 45-day trial? Contact our Knowledge and Content Manager Kate Gregory on kateg@ontothepage.co.uk or on (0113) 225 6098.

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