Once you’ve decided that a bid knowledge base is the way forward for your business, there are a few things you’ll need to consider when deciding on your next steps.

Start a system

The key to good knowledge management is ease of access. The system used for storing, managing and sharing the information can be a simple or as sophisticated as you like – some people use a file and folder-based approach – even a simple system is better than nothing! Knowledge Central combines the best of both worlds – a web-based system that everyone can access, but is still really simple to use.

Current content

Fundamentally, as well as sharing information a knowledge base must have processes for identifying and commissioning information likely to be needed for future bids and for keeping currently-available content up to date – aging content isn’t useful content! Knowledge Central has a handy colour-coding system to easily show old or missing content. Use your post-bid ‘lessons learnt’ process to create new information or update existing content.


The need for control, for ongoing, proactive content management – and for good communication with contributors and content users, is vital.  A knowledge base is a dynamic tool, but it needs to be kept under control. Ideally, a knowledge manager will be in place, whose role is to keep the knowledge base updated and to engage with subject matter experts, contributors and users. On Knowledge Central anyone who has access to the knowledge base can make suggestions about content, but only the knowledge manager has the ability to make changes.


Since any knowledge base will contain a lots of information – some of it very sensitive – access should be appropriately controlled. Knowledge Central uses access levels assigned to both users and documents to ensure information control.

Starting a knowledge base from scratch can be a daunting prospect, but it’s well worth the time and effort. And if you’d like a hand getting started, why not get in touch with us for some expert help – one of the services we provide is the mapping and set up of your knowledge base to get you well on the way to knowledge management success.

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