Your content library is really only as good as your system for retrieving information – and that’s where folder-based systems just don’t cut the mustard.

For good knowledge management, your solution needs to work for the way your team wants to use it. If it isn’t quick and easy for people to find what they’re looking for they could start squirrelling information away, and that way lies version control and information security chaos.

Folder-based systems force users to follow a set path to reach the information they’re looking for – so even if they follow the right pathway, the content they want could be several clicks away.

Then there’s the difficulty of what to do with content that crosses over categories – do you file a version in each location (not advisable!), or just choose one place and hope it’s obvious to everyone else?

As a knowledge manager, you’ll have your own ideas about how best to logically organise your content. If you’re part of a small team who all think alike, the paths you’ve laid out for your colleagues could make perfect sense to them and they’ll be able to find what they’re looking for without having to ask you.

But what if this isn’t the case? Not everyone shares the same sense of logic – what seems to you like the most straightforward place in the world to store that important document may not be the first place anyone else would think to look.

Some folder-based systems give you the option to search for the words or phrases you’re looking for. But how many times do these words or phrases appear throughout your content library? And in how many documents? Most systems of this type search within your document content, so they end up returning hundreds of irrelevant results purely because they happen to also contain the words you’re searching for.

Making searching for, and finding, your content quickly and easily was one of our main aims for Knowledge Central. The innovative keyword search system we designed gives you control over what the system searches for, so if you want a search for a certain word or phrase to lead you to a certain document, you just make sure you’ve added it as a keyword.

So now you can find all the documents you want, and none of the ones you don’t!

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