What is Knowledge Central?

Knowledge Central is an online platform that gives you a single place to store, share and manage your company content.

How is Knowledge Central different to other products?

Knowledge Central is purely and simply a content library that exists for you to store your documents, and quickly and easily get them back.

As a knowledge base, it’s not designed to auto-populate documents or make any decisions on your behalf, it’s there as a tool to support the skills of the bid manager.

How much time will I save on each bid?

We estimate that by using Knowledge Central as your knowledge management tool, you’ll save a minimum of 60% effort on every bid.

How long does it take to set up?

Knowledge Central is quick and easy to set up. It takes just a few minutes to create your user logins, then you’re ready to start loading up your content.

Is there a maximum limit to what I can store on Knowledge Central? What happens if I reach the limit?

We don’t set specific usage limits on the amount of data stored, but we do monitor data quantities to make sure your usage is appropriate.

If, compared with other clients, we perceive that you are using the service unfairly, we will contact you to inform you of this fact with a view to proposing a way to rectify the situation. We reserve the right to end your agreement with us or increase your fees in line with your actual usage. We will discuss this with you and give you notice before proceeding.

How can I sign up?

Once you’re ready to sign up to Knowledge Central, you can contact us by phone or email to get started. You can find all our contact information here


What user support is available?

You’ll receive a copy of our help/instruction manual when you start using Knowledge Central, as well as a brief tour of the site. You’ll find plenty of onscreen help available throughout the site wherever you see an ‘i’ symbol to click on, and our UK-based support team is available by phone or email Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Do you need training to be able to use Knowledge Central?

We’ve designed Knowledge Central so that you can use it with the minimum of training. We’ll give you few pointers to get you started and provide you with a help / instruction manual. You’ll find plenty of onscreen help available throughout the site and if you do need a bit of extra help, you can contact our support team by phone or email with your questions.

What happens if there is a problem with the Knowledge Central database out of office hours?

Currently the system is monitored only during office hours. Issues logged outside of these times will be picked up as soon as possible the following working day.

Due to the nature of internet services, we can’t guarantee that access to Knowledge Central will be available and uninterrupted at all times. Therefore, we are not able to accept any responsibility if, for any reason, Knowledge Central (or any part of its functionality) is temporarily unavailable.

We may also need to suspend services from time to time to make improvements or to fix things, but we’ll notify you in advance of any scheduled maintenance.


How does the search function work?

Knowledge Central searches for words which appear anywhere within the Title and Description fields, or as keywords which have been added to the record. You can also search for strings of consecutive words by enclosing them in quotation marks.

Search results are initially displayed in alphabetical order by Title, and can alternatively be sorted by expiry date or star rating.

Can you monitor the accuracy and compliance status of documents?

How you use Knowledge Central’s star rating function is entirely up to you, so you can choose to use it to represent how accurate or compliant your documents are.

Can you create a proposal document in Knowledge Central?

No – Knowledge Central is designed to help you to store and access your information so you can use it how you want to. It doesn’t auto-populate template documents or create bid responses.

Can you find responses to similar questions from previous bids?

Yes – you can include keywords and phrases from a bid response, or even the original question itself, in the document record when you store it on Knowledge Central, making it easy to retrieve that response if you’re asked a similar question in a future bid.

Which file types can you store in Knowledge Central?

You can store any file types you want, as long as each single file is under our 10Mb limit. Knowledge Central can handle all document types, video files, music files, image files, Powerpoint etc.

Are there collaboration tools for bid teams?

Yes – Users can make suggestions to Administrators about documents and if you have multiple Administrators, each can see and deal with User suggestions.

All users can add notes to a document record, and all users can see the star ratings and expiry warnings which assist with quality control.

Can you search on the contents of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and HTML files?

We’ve deliberately designed Knowledge Central not to search within your documents themselves, because searching for a word or phrase like this can return hundreds of irrelevant documents. With Knowledge Central, you add any important words or phrases that you’ll need to search for as keywords, or in the Title or Description fields, so you know your searches will deliver just the documents you actually want.

Can you insert content directly from Knowledge Central into a bid document?

Once you’ve found the document you’re looking for in Knowledge Central, it’s easy to download and open it, then copy and paste content into your bid document.

Does Knowledge Central store information on the status of bids, submission deadlines etc?

No, Knowledge Central is a place for you to store your library of content. It’s not designed to track the live bid process.


How do you ensure that customer data is secure?

We use industry standard, bank grade encryption on all files stored on Knowledge Central. Using a system of public and private keys, 128-bit encryption is used during document upload. Encrypted files are sent using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protection to the storage location where they are encrypted again, providing a double layer of security. Documents remain encrypted at all times until you download them onto your local computer to open and read them.

Unless you ask us to manage your knowledge base for you, we will have no access whatsoever to the content you store on Knowledge Central. Our system access allows us to see only the contact information we enter when we set your company up on the system, as well as information about each user including name, username, email address, user login type and access level. There is no way for us to see the content you upload onto Knowledge Central unless you have specifically asked for us to act as an administrator on your account, in which case we will create an administrator login for ourselves. We will never create an administrator login to your account without your permission.

Where is customer data stored?

Knowledge Central is hosted in the UK.

Can you access Knowledge Central on smartphones and tablet devices?

Yes, although Knowledge Central works best on a computer because of the need to download and edit documents.

Can you restrict access to confidential or sensitive documents to certain users?

Both users and documents are assigned an access level (1-3) on Knowledge Central. If a document has a higher access level number than the one assigned to a user, that user won’t be able to view the document. Administrators are automatically assigned level 3 access.

You can also use the optional Areas function to create separate silos of information which users can only access if they have been assigned that Area.

What are the differences between level 1, 2 and 3 access?

Each Knowledge Central user is assigned an access level of 1, 2 or 3 (1 being the most basic access level). Each document is also assigned a level of 1, 2 or 3 (3 being for the most sensitive documents) and users can view any documents assigned the same access level as their own, as well as those documents with lower access levels.

Do all subject owners need a user login?

Yes, everyone who uses Knowledge Central will need a login, including subject owners. A subject owner is the person within your company identified as having responsibility for certain documents or specialist knowledge within your organisation. Subject owners need to have a login for Knowledge Central so that they can manage the content they are responsible for.


How much does Knowledge Central cost?

There are three different price packages for Knowledge Central depending on the number of user accounts you need.

Option 1, for up to five users, costs £15.99 per user per month + VAT

Option 2, for between six and 15 users, costs £13.99 per user per month + VAT

Option 3, for 16 users and over, costs £11.99 per user per month + VAT

We also offer managed service options, click here to ask us for more information

Is there a free trial period?

To give you the chance to see how well Knowledge Central can work for you, we’re offering a free 45-day trial period – just get in touch with us and we can start setting you up as soon as you provide the information we need and sign our Terms and Conditions.

Do you need to buy anything extra to make it work?

No, all you need to use Knowledge Central is a computer with a web browser installed. Knowledge Central works best with Edge, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (version 11 or later). It is also compatible with Chrome, Safari and Opera.

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