About us

At Onto the Page, we’ve been delivering bid management services for over ten years, so when it comes to helping companies research, write and submit top quality bids, we’re the experts!

Based in Leeds, we offer bid consultancy, bid training and business writing services to organisations of all sizes.

We know first-hand how much easier life is with an up-to-date knowledge base – being able to find the information you need quickly really makes a difference when working on a bid.

We wanted a really simple, straightforward way of storing and managing content that would be easy and quick to update. When we couldn’t find one, we set about designing and developing a product of our own – and Knowledge Central was born!

We’ve developed Knowledge Central as a self-service software product, but if you’re short on time or resources, why not use us as your knowledge management team? We can upload and amend your documents, keeping your information up to date so you can always find just what you need.

Contact us to chat about how we can help with your knowledge management.

Or to find out more about our bid consultancy, bid training and business writing services, visit the Onto the Page website.

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